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An interactive and intuitive real-life escape game. You and your team are locked in a room(s), you will have 60 minutes to solve challenging puzzles in order to escape. Can you get out in time?


                  During the Covid-19 outbreak we are offering a new    

                                            Virtual Escape room.

Head office

175 Hamlet Court Road






PLEASE NOTE: the above location is not necessarily the location of your escape room. Please check your confirmation email or contact us using the below


TEL: 01702 746 544   office is manned between 9am till 8pm

(Please note that the telephone number is not always manned during times that we have games running however we do have a voicemail system, please leave a voicemail if no answer and a member of the team will call you back)



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CSI SOUTHEND - The Virtual Escape Game. Played from the safety of your sofa.



6 suspects but who is the killer? Can you solve the crime and send the correct person to jail. Use your wits and team work to work with the private investigator, uncovering clues at the crime scene. You only have 1 hour till all suspects have to be let go from police custody.


Remote live play from anywhere in the world, 1 ticket allows 6 log ins, play from the comfort of your livingroom with yor friends in other houses.


suitable for all ages.

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